Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Top Cellulite Fighters--No gadgets required!

In my never-ending quest to fight cellulite, I've found a couple things that (dare I say?) seem to be helping. Now, mind you, these are not sure-cure eliminators, but they do seem to make a noticeable difference.

What are they?

1. A high-level antioxidant supplement: I like Pynogencol -- this one works really well. I notice a real difference in my lumps and bumps when taking this. Choose the one you like and take it often. It helps decrease inflammation which can really exacerbate the appearance of cellulite.

2. Fiber: I've started using more Benefiber and PGX (Dr. Oz approved) and notice when I'm using these, not only does my cellulite seem diminished, but my belly is flatter too.

Just my tips...try them to see if they work for you. If not, don't give up the good fight. Keep experimenting and share it with us!

Beyonce Makeup: Why Natural is Best

If you have ever wondered if there is a way to look older than you are, check out the above photo. This beautiful woman looks years older with heavy makeup and too-light hair color. She literally glows with a more natural look. Think about this if you are aiming to look more youthful. Harsh and inappropriate colors can make you look garish.

Can Love Spells Really Work?

Over 40 Makeup: How to Apply Concealer

Top Tips from this Video:

1. Use a creamy formulation on mature skin

2. Blend, blend, blend

3. Blend down and out--not just out to avoid the 1/2 moon look

4. Highlight areas of your face with concealer

Friday, June 12, 2009

Makeup Artist Training: Your Dream Career

Become a Makeup Artist and start running a successful makeup artistry business faster. Our unique system will not only train you in starting a professional makeup business, but it will teach you how to get business, leads and profits from your very first day!

Also, learn how you can turn your successful business into a training opportunity for others! Makeup Artists Training: Makeup Artists Now Needed!

Review: Laura Geller Face, Lip & Eye Spackle

I've seen the Laura Geller shopping channel spots several times but I've never bit until recently. I was particulary interested in Laura Geller baked eye shadows so on my next trip to Sephora I spent some time investigating these.

Truly I found them to be overly sparkly. I'm not clubbin', Laura, so they won't work for me. I was disappointed because they looked so beautiful in their swirly artistry but I ultimately decided no. However, I did pick up a "sampler" kit of her spackle for face, lips and eyes. Here's my reveiew on these interesting items:

The Laura Geller face spackle is light in texture (perhaps too light) and the "tan" bronzer spackle really gave no discernible color--even to my fairly pale complexion. I've used the Smashbox primer a few times and it seems heavier than Laura's, but a bit useless in my opinion. I didn't get either of them--what exactly were they supposed to spackle? I don't have deep creases, but I do have a few nooks and crannies I'd like to camouflage and they didn't seem to do the trick. (I prefer Perricone Ceramic Skin Smoother--pricey, but it works! Also, good ole Oil of Olay wrinkle filler (in the silver tube) works great, too (especially where you need extra help). go for Perricone or Oil of Olay if you need a little extra help, otherwise Laura's beats Smashbox (in my opinion).

The Laura Geller Lip Spackle is good stuff. I like that it totally gives your lips a neutral tone and even sort of seals them so they are smoother before applying lipstick. This product is pretty good for me, but I'd like it to be more moisturizing (maybe even a touch of mint would be nice, too). It did seem to last pretty long.

The real winner in the pack is the Laura Geller Eye Spackle. I happen to be a committed user of the Paula Dorf eye primer (great stuff and I've had my same pot of it forever!). However, I liked the sheerer texture of the Laura's. Paula's is thick and needs a lot of blending, but it does give you a super smooth eye canvas. Laura's is like a Dorf-light version and I really like it for everyday use (save Dorf for the big nights when you really "do your makeup"). I may actually buy the full-sized pot of this one.

Hope that helps! Stay gorgeous...

Pycnogenol: Cellulite Buster?

I decided to take some high-level anti-oxidants and bought some Pycnogenol (Pine Bank extract).

I took it (when I remembered) and suddenly I noticed that my lumpy bumpy spots seemed to start smoothing out. I wasn't really working out harder or doing anything else so I wondered why it was happening. I pinpointed it to the only change I had made: taking the Pycnogenol.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? And what about the Celluscience "miracle pills" that are being marketed? I'm wondering if those testimonials on their website are really true? I wonder how those work and if they contain Pycnogenol? I cannot find anything about this ingredient on their site so if anyone knows, I'd love to have the info!

More Beauty Buzz...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Instant Facelifter: Is a Facelift in a Bottle Really Possible?


There are numerous products these days claiming to give you a facelift in a bottle, but if you've plunked down your hard earned money, you've probably found that most don't really work. Nothing but an invasive surgical treatment is going to really give you a true facelift.

However, as the science of beauty progresses, there are numerous new products that really will help noticeably firm and tone the skin. They are usually short-lived or temporary results, but then sometimes that's all you need. If you're not able or willing to spend thousands and have a true surgical procedure, it may be enough for you to get results that hang out for a few hours, days or months before diminishing.

Facelifter is one of those products that will produce actual noticeable results--albeit short-lived. It's a 30-minute at-home procedure that will help to temporarily firm and tone your skin and give it a glow. The results don't stay long (maybe about a day or two), but if used consistently they can be maximized.

What it is: It's a goopy, sticky masque that actually, as it dries, provides an immense tightening effect and helps (it claims) to work the underlying muscles of your skin. When you use it properly, you can really see a change in your face (tighter, lifted lids, firmer jowls and cheeks, less laxity and a nice, smooth glow to your skin.

It's applied on a wet face in a particular way. Then you need to lie down or even invert your head (like lay with your head slightly backward off the side of the bed). It takes about 30 minutes to get a full effect; cutting it short usually cuts short the results. It dries extremely tight (really, you'll look like a creature from a horror film when it's fully dry). It's then removed and voila! You should see some immediate results your first time. It's enough to make people think you look well-rested or maybe like you got a facial or something--not drastic, but good enough to give you a boost in your step.

It's a good option before a big night out, reunion, job interview, hot date, etc. when you really want to take the time to look your best. If you'd like to know more or get a bottle, or see before/after shots, visit: Ageless Beauty in 30 Minutes

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smartxide Dot Therapy Laser Treatment

OK, it's official, I'm middle-aged (ick, don't you just hate that term?) Anyway, I'm pretty good about taking care of my skin and I was blessed with finely pored, even-textured fair skin. With that said, I am definitely seeing the signs of age creep upon me: fine lines, skin laxity, droopy lids, brown spots, etc. Let's face it, it pretty much happens to us all.

I've have Thermage (don't bother), Accent (short-lived results), microdermabrasion (OK, but I can get the same results or better with a chemical peel at home), glycolic peels (my favorite way to smooth, brighten and perk up my skin), Botox (yes, I tried it and like it in very small doses), Restyline (pretty good, sturdy line filler, some pros and cons). Anyway, you get the idea; I'm not obsessed by I try to stay on top of things.

Well, I recently moved to Phoenix and felt I was needing some help. I found a local Dr., made an appointment and thought I'd get some filler, maybe some Renova, and be on my way. Well, he sat and listened to me and told me straight out that filler was not what I needed. He was doing a new treatment and it was getting great result: the SMARTXIDE DOT THERAPY. I'd never heard of it, but soon became a full-fledged fan.

I saw his before and afters, even results on his staff in the office (real people, not some over-the-top promises the corporate company releases), and I was sold. So I paid my money, had the treatment and here's what I found:

The laser itself shoots little dots onto your face. It acts basically what used to be a very intense laser resurfacing treatment like FRAXEL or CO2 lasers. This treatment works much the same way, but in a slightly more gentle (meaning much less recovery time) way. It's not painful, but it sure smarts in areas. It essentially "burns" the tops layer of skin off your face. Not a pretty thought, but over a few days (it took me about 5), you skin gently sloughs off and the skin below is revealed.

You actually leave the office with your face plastered in heavy lotion and little dots all over your skin. Over the next several days I had to frequently re-apply the cream (like a Vaseline consistency--real pretty) and stay indoors. Also, I needed to not only avoid the sun, but bright light of any type or low-hanging (like pendant lights). I could actually get a "sunburn" just from bright light inside the house!

I followed direction religiously and after my total recovery (a couple weeks later), I had another appointment. This time I got to see my before and after shots and wow! what a difference. This treatment--and this is my FAVORITE part--actually helps firm up the skin and boost collagen production and I could really see it in the pics. My puffy, droopy eyes were firmer and brighter, my cheeks/jowls were defined and I couldn't believe it, but I actually had a little bit of a turky wobble starting under my chin and this totally zapped that!

Bottom line, I cannot say it's right for everyone, but it worked for me and I would very likely do it again. It's pricey (I paid $2,000), slightly painful, takes several days to really recover (about 5-7), but I feel it was well worth it. Especially since all the Thermage and Accent in the world never seemed to even come close to these results.

P.S. If you live in the Phoenix area and want to know my Dr., just jet me an email!
Visit: www.agelessbeautypro.com

Review: WEN Haircare

WEN Haircare is one of the latest late night infomercials to pop up. It's creator, Chaz Dean, who is a"stylist to the stars" appears with various celebs who supposedly use this unique product.

What it is: A somewhat creamy hair conditioner AND cleanser. This is a two in one product that cleanses your hair and also conditions it. It claims to have restorative properties and not strip your hair (great for those who color). You're supposed to use several (like 14 or 16 pumps of it per use), massage it in, leave it during your shower and then rinse. The voila! Shiny, bouncy, conditioned hair like never before, right?

Well, not so fast. I have curly, fine hair. It's generally not limp and I have a fair amount so it doesn't look superfine. I color and heat style so I definitely need condition and softness, but not frizz. This product seemed to work pretty well--at first. Then after about a month or so of use (every other day), I felt I really needed to SHAMPOO. It's not that my hair felt dirty, on the contrary, it felt clean, but it seemed dry and lifeless. It was like straw on the ends. I wondered how that could happen when you're essentially just using a straight conditioner and no shampoo. I found I really needed to shampoo some day, but use WEN when I felt I only needed a light cleansing.

A couple positives: It smells great. I like the Almond Mint and Cucumber Aloe. I also used the Lavender, which was OK, but not my favorite. It does work well as a leave-in conditioner on your ends when you feel you just need a little extra softness there. My favorite use for this product is suggested by Mr. Dean himself in the literature that came with my order: Fill a spray bottle 3/4 full with warm water, add several squirts of WEN, shake and use as a refreshener or touch up spray. I use it this way lots of times but whose to say another light conditioner formula wouldn't work just as well. (Yeah, this stuff is pricey, too.)

Bottom line, it's fun to try, but if you have favorite products right now, I wouldn't jump ship to WEN. It's pricey, mail-order only and doesn't (at least for me) work quite as well as I'd hope. Not a bad product by any means, but not the savior for limp, dry, hair so many of us seek.
Visit: www.agelessbeautypro.com

Monday, April 28, 2008

Remove Arm Cellulite: What works?

The dreaded arm cellulite. You figure you can wear shorts, skirts and capris to hide the legs during summer, but when the scourge pops up on your arms...what to do? Now I can't even wear tee shirts? In ARIZONA? I've had this problem recently (despite relatively skinny arms) and knew I needed to do something. My best solution is as follows:

I've discovered there are a few things that work well:

1. Massage: I have a Wellbox and use it for temporary smoothness when wearing short sleeves. If you don't one of these machines, you can lightly massage the area (use kneading motion) for a bit of relief. Also, (don't laugh), you can use a rolling pin or similar item to roll over the area. This will actually help make the area look smoother but only temporarily. Be careful and don't get overzealous--I've actually given myself bruises doing this one!

2. Dry brushing: Using a body brush (needs to be a bit stiff--not too soft), brush your body starting from the soles of your feet on up (skip chest, face and any other sensitive areas). This will help stimulate circulation and actually help all over cellulite. It's an oldie but a goodie 'cause it does seem to work.

3. Bliss Stimulator: You can get this at http://www.blissworld.com/ This is a little rubber nubbly thing that you use in the shower. I usually soap up over use it over in-shower body lotion (it helps when you use it with a product to give it a bit of slip). This little thing actually works pretty well. Just rub it around in a circular motion and back and forth. It'll really help stimulate the area and the cellulite at least "looks" diminished. As with most cellulite tricks, it only does so much and it only works if you work it. **Note: Don't be swayed by most of the other cellulite wonders they sell--they don't really work.

4. Neutrogena Cellulite Patches: The serum doesn't really work in my experience, but the patches! Wow, those do make the area much smoother (again, temporarily). I've used them on my arms and thighs and slept with them on. I would suggest wearing them two or three nights a week and only if you know you'll be showing off your arms the next day ('cause they can get expensive). Also, if you wear them too often or for too long, they can cause a bit of a reaction (not pretty). Get 'em at your local drugstore.

5. Old fashioned weights: I know, ugh! Truly, the only way I got rid of the stuff (or greatly dimished it) was to bump up my weights and arm workouts. I used to use 3 to 5 pound weights, but when I started using 8 to 10 pounders, I really noticed a difference. Also, vary the workouts; don't just do the same curls and kick-backs. You can also do less reps with heavier weights, but do them often (I think they recommend every other day with a day of rest in-between). I try to do a heavy day (8-10 lbs.) and a light day (3-6 lbs.) and then a day of rest. Seems to work!

What works for you? Let me know! www.agelessbeautypro.com

Monday, April 21, 2008

40 & Fabulous? Be a Part of My Next Book!

Get published in our new book:40 on 40 — The real deal about the big FOUR OH!*

OK, here’s the deal:

Calling all 39+ year old women to tell your story (the good, bad and the ugly) for a new book on turning the BIG 40! I’m particularly interested in those of you who take on aging gracefully with courage and humor.

Please be from 39 to 50, female only, any race, religion or lifestyle. Be geared toward aging well with the tools you have (whatever they may be for you) and sharing that information in an interview format.

Please join us and get your story published. Be an inspiration to other women out there! Just click here to get started: 40 and Fabulous!

Quick Tip: Sallow & Pale Skin? Revive in 60 Seconds Flat!

We’ve all had those days…we wake up and look in the mirror and feel about 100 years old. Our skin is pale and saggy. We look drawn and tired. What can we do in about 60 seconds to change it?

First, revive your skin: Take a warm (near hot) washcloth and press it into your face for about 10 seconds. Then, use it to exfoliate/slough off any dry skin by buffing it around your face for a few seconds. Be gentle, but really give yourself a good buffing. This will immediately give you a rosy glow and give your skin a nice, smooth finish.

Second, get your best moisturizer (the stuff you only use on special occassions) and rub it in your palms (add a drop of self-tanner/bronzer if you have it). Spread this on your face with patting motions (use your palm and fingers to pat it into your face vs. just slathering it on). This will give you a plump-skin look.

Third, let the moisturizer dry for a few seconds (brush your teeth, gargle, brush hair, etc.). Then, when it’s dry, take a bit of powder bronzer and sweep it all over your face. Use a LIGHT touch! You just need a hint of color–plus you don’t want a lot of powder when your skin isn’t at its best. Just use a bit for color. Then take a tiny bit of bright (pink, coral) blush onto your brush and swirl it into the apple of your cheek. This will immediatley make you look alive.

If you’ve got the time, you can add lipstick, use Visine (great for brightening your eyes), curl your lashes and add mascara plus a drop of off-white eyeshadow on your lids (no shimmer) for extra verve.
These few things always work for me and are quick and easy. They will definitely make you look like you’re rested and ready-to-go (even if you don’t feel it).

More: www.agelessbeautypro.com

Review Update: Accent for Cellulite & Face Firming

I am such a guinea pig. I try nearly anything--especially for cellulite! You can read my first post about the Accent treatment. After numerous requests from readers, I've decided to give you an update. I've had a full treatment package of 6+ treatments on my worst cellulite area (front of my thighs) and I'm just starting treatments on the back of my thighs. In addition, I've started treatments for firming my face. Here goes...

The treatments last about 35-45 minutes. They consist of running a radio-frequency "wand" over the area (the cellulite body treatments include two probes: one for liquifying and reducing fat deposits and one for skin firming). Now, I'm going to be honest: They can hurt. The wands get very hot (scorching) and sometimes can cause a very painful moment. I've not had any burns or any telltale signs (except for a few bruises where the wand was run repeatedly over a certain area). If you have an experience practitioner, the hot spots aren't so bad, but be prepared either way.

Did it work? Well yes and no. After my second treatment I saw really noticable results so of course I expected amazing results as I went on. Unfortunately I seemed to pleateau and not until after my 6th treatment (plus a stepped-up exercise routine), did I see more good results. I do drink a ton of water, have a decent diet (no yo-yo weight gains/losses) and I work out nearly daily, still I have noticeable cellulite. This has helped, but I do feel I would need more treatments or at the very least, a solid monthly maintenance plan to keep it at bay.
I've started the treatments on the back of my thighs and I'll keep you posted on how they go--not much noticeable yet.

For the face...my face isn't showing extreme age yet. I do maintenance (Thermage, peels, etc.) to keep sagging and wrinkles away. This treatment is mostly as a preventative measure for me. I do feel these treatments are worth it. I am always told I look at least 10 years younger than I am so I guess what I'm doing is working! These Accent treatment for face firming are not bad. They wand does get hot and there have been a few "ouch" moments, but no lingering problems. Plus they feel pretty good when they are just warm. They leave my face glowing and looking and feeling firmer but this is temporary. I will complete the set of 6 and keep you posted.

All in all, Accent has helped "remove" some of the cellulite from my thighs. I need to complete a full set of 6 on the back to see if it goes better than the front. The pictures they show of results are pretty remarkable and honestly, I wouldn't expect these results, but it does help. However, with hours of appts., thousands of dollars and a bit of pain Accent isn't necessarily the wunderkind I was expecting.